Biography of Bikashananda

Birth, Childhood and Youth

Bikashananda was born in 2nd of Asar, 2018 BS (July 16, 1962 AD) in a Ganesh Temple in Chhetrapati, Kathmandu. He was adopted by a childless family where he was reared and cared. In his childhood he was very mischievous and used to fight with others. He was very poor at studies but quite talented at painting as a result of which he got an opportunity to visit Soviet Union (Russia) to take part in a painting competition in 1979 AD.

However, after returning from Russia his interest was drawn towards literature and writing because of the easiness in conveying our thoughts to others. For the next three years, he became a teacher, editor and a writer. In the mean time he had published a tri-monthly magazine and a weekly magazine for three months. His idea of publishing the magazines was successful which inspired him further to take on more challenging jobs and work hard on them.

Spiritual Journey to Kashi

As a result, he went on a spiritual journey to Kashi in India abandoning his home on November 8, 1983. There he enrolled for a course in Sanskrit in Sampurnananda Sanskrit Vishwavidhyalaya (संपूर्णानन्द संस्कृत विश्वविद्यालय). In the meantime, he learned yoga, meditation, reiki and so on. After the continuous research and learning for about six years he returned to Nepal.

Return from Kashi

On returning from Kashi, he opened an organization named ‘Ananda Yoga Centre’ (आनन्द योग केन्द्र) and started providing counseling to people about yoga and health care. In 1991, he ran a weekly show, ‘Yog-Sadhana’ (योग-साधना) to teach yoga to the general people through television.

In June 1995, he participated in Nimhams Kundalini Research International Indian Chapter programme where he was involved in a Kundalini energy test for about 14 days. It was found out that his brain operated in all the levels of brainwaves (beta, alpha, theta and delta). This fact, which was recorded by an EEG – Electroencephalograph – machine, proved that he was no longer an ordinary person but a transformed one.

Similarly, he participated in World Yoga Conference in September of 1995 which took place in Brazil. Later the same year he conducted a seminar in Psychocybernatics in Kathmandu. One year later he for the first time introduced Reiki in Nepal.

In May 1997, he visited the United States of America. There he ran classes on hathayoga, kundalini yoga, reiki and Psycho-cybernatics.

Similarly, in 1998, he was awarded the Masters Degree in Alternative Medicine, M.D. (A.M.), from Indian Board of Alternative Medicines. In the same year he conducted another seminar about super-learning in Nepal.

The Launch of Manokranti Movement

Afterwards several radio and TV programmes featured his speeches on matters of life and philosophy where he discussed about the various tools like reiki, yoga, superlearning, psychocybernatics and so on. In the meantime, he introduced ‘Manokranti Movement’ to help other people change their lifestyle to a healthier and happier one. Also at the same time, he formally established “Manokranti Sadhak Sangh” (मनोक्रान्ति साधक संघ) in 2062 Bikram Sambat to provide a platform to the enthusiastic meditators to practice meditation.

He introduced “Vhu-Tapasya” (भू-तपस्या), a type of meditation which is practiced underground, in Mangsir 16, 2063 BS for the first time in Nepal in Gurukul, Godavari. He was awarded a peace prize entitled ‘Shantidoot Samman’ (शान्तिदूत सम्मान) by Universal Peace Federation Nepal.

On that side throughout 19, 2063, he performed another event "Guru-urja Prakshyapana” (गुरुउर्जा प्रक्षेपण), where his followers can acquire energy from him while in the state of meditation. This was a new test that was carried out in the field of meditation from Manokranti matrix, Gurukul. Afterwards, he introduced various extraordinary skills like fire walking, dancing barefoot over glass pieces, walking barefoot over thumb pins and so on. He has been doing amazing things ever since he returned to Nepal from Kashi.

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