Unique Lifestyle of Dr. Yogi Bikashananda

Dr. Yogi lives a strictly scheduled and organized lifestyle mainly to achieve efficiency in his works and to manage his time well. His lifestyle is very peculiar and different from the one we, common people, live. At first glance, it seems as if he is a weird traditional man, a stereotype that we imagine of an ignorant and innocent countryman who works hard all day long in a secluded and monotonous way. However, if we deeply analyze his pattern of life then we come to know that he is a modern man motivated to live a healthier and peaceful life; not a luxurious one but a happy and contented one.

What is Manokranti Movement?

Manokranti Symbol (Manokranti Yantra)
*From Manokranti Website

“Mano” means mind and “kranti” means revolution. Therefore, Manokranti means the revolution of mind to bring positive changes in our lives. People seek for revolution in the physical world for constructive changes. However, Dr. Yogi Bikashananda opines that this is where people go wrong. He is of the opinion that the peace, satisfaction and happiness, which are the real positive changes, cannot be achieved through physical fulfillments but through our mind. Therefore, Dr. Yogi started Manokranti revolution to revolutionize the life of everyone into a happy and satisfied one.