What is Manokranti Movement?

Manokranti Symbol (Manokranti Yantra)
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“Mano” means mind and “kranti” means revolution. Therefore, Manokranti means the revolution of mind to bring positive changes in our lives. People seek for revolution in the physical world for constructive changes. However, Dr. Yogi Bikashananda opines that this is where people go wrong. He is of the opinion that the peace, satisfaction and happiness, which are the real positive changes, cannot be achieved through physical fulfillments but through our mind. Therefore, Dr. Yogi started Manokranti revolution to revolutionize the life of everyone into a happy and satisfied one.

How does Manokranti revolutionize our life?

Manokranti can be considered as a way of life which uses mind technologies like reiki, psycho-cybernatics, and super-learning, etc to transform our life into a desired one. Manokranti way of life, uses the ancient breakthroughs in the health sector such as Yoga, pranayam and meditation to help us stay physically fit and mentally alert.

What is Manokranti Matrix?

Manokranti Matrix is a teaching and learning place for the followers of Manokranti. The programs like speech, yoga, meditation, etc are conducted on a regular basis there. Currently, Dr. Yogi is spending his full time with his followers on a “5 year leadership and self transformation” program which is aimed at transforming the lives of the followers of Manokranti. They, the followers, are currently getting training in various skills and personality development programs to become the future leaders in the sectors of their interest, once their 5 year learning program is over.

Read more about manokranti lifestyle @ Manokranti Website and Facebook Fan Page.


  1. एउटा ब्यक्ति जो मनोक्रान्तिको साधक, पाठक, भावक, प्रशंशक, बिरोधी वा श्रोता केही पनि होइन र शुद्ध बटुवा मात्र हो, त्यस्ले तपाईंहरुको अभियान "मनोक्रान्ति"लाई कसरी हेरेको हुन्छ होला ?

    अरुले हेर्दा तपाईंहरु कस्ता देखिनु हुन्छ होला ?

    यदि तपाईं मनोक्रान्ति अभियानका उन्नायकहरु, साधकहरु यो प्रश्नको उत्तर जान्न चाहनु हुन्छ भने 'पैरवी बुक हाउस' ले प्रकाशन गरेको "गन्डकीको मुहानतिर" नामक किताब अवस्य पनि पढ्नु होस् !

    अरुका आँखाबाट पनि आफू जाँचिनु होस् !

  2. Jai manokranti
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    My name is Dilip kumar mongar From Rochester NY