Super Learning - A Review!

Superlearning is a new memory method which can revolutionize our learning process. What do you do to memorize a list of things to buy, for example? Probably you rot and if you can't you'll write the list down in the paper. However, after a good practice of superlearning you'll be able to memorize almost anything you like. Also you can memorize things in their proper order.

The good news about superlearning is that you can understand its concept quickly and learn it quickly. However, the bad news about this is that you need to practice it for a long time to master it. This is not a "master in a day" science with some "hard and fast" rules. It needs regular practice and patience to wait until you succeed.

I came to know about 'Superlearning', for the first time in my life, from Dr. Yogi Bikashananda. I even took his course for a week. However, since it focused more on memorizing, which I didn't require much during those times, I didn't continue it much. However, I've recently seen the technique featured in the 'Discovery Channel'. Therefore, I got inspiration to write this post and revive what I had learnt from Dr. Yogi Bikashananda then. I hope you'll benefit a lot from this article.

The ideas I'm presenting here are the combined form of what I learnt during my "Superlearning Classes" and the books of Bikashananda like 'Superlearning -1', 'Superlearning - 2', etc. He has many other books in this topic and he calls this technique a 'Mind Technology' and I agree with him that this is indeed a mind technology.

So, if you are eager to learn superlearning, the following are the basics that you must know well:

1) Our mind memorizes the extraordinary events longer

This is a fact which explains why you forget certain trivial things while you remember some important things that occurred to you even when you were a small child. Our mind tends to remember the things which we consider important, enjoyable, painful, and so forth, that is, the things which are different from normal. So, one idea of superlearning is to make our normal things abnormal by using certain techniques like 'Visualization'.

2) We can remember symbols and picture easily then the simple text

Do you remember how are children taught. "A for apple, B for ball,..." So, the second technique is to convert the abstract text based information into some form of memorable (extraordinary) picture. This is also like 'Visualization' but in fact 'picturing' the things. For numbers, we can assign some specific symbols and picturize them.

3) We can remember stories better than objective essays.

Don't you remember stories better than the formulas of Mathematics? Yes, our mind tends to link the events and organize them and when it does so we become able to memorize it longer. So, third technique used is making a virtual or extraordinary link between seemingly non-related objects. This technique can be very useful to remember the name of 10 things, for example, in an exact order.

Based on these three principles and more that I'll be sharing with you later, you can make your own syllabus of 'Super learning'. Here's my simple and straightforward technique for you. Try to make the events that you want to remember more vivid by imagining them as a funny thing. Also you can relate it with some other non related things in a funny way to remember the series of things.

Wait for my future posts if you are more interested and more excited about 'Superlearning'!

Till then, have a good time.



  1. Where can one learn superlearning?

  2. guru malai hajur ko boli le aatmabiswas badhaune gardaxa

  3. I have also learned super learning. It is just the other word of 'Mnemonics'.You can search it in wikipedia. But by my own experiences, I have found that :-
    1.super learning is benefical but it requires revision too.Superlearning without revision is short term and less useful.
    2.It is most effective in memorizing lists with words alone.But when memorizing long definitions perfectly , there is no other way then repeatation, but super learning can aid us in that too.
    3.In some cases , superlearning is best , if not used.Such as in memorizing numbers,mathmatical formulas etc. Such things can easily get in our head if we simply read and revise.