Is Super Learning Practical?

Our question is not whether Super learning works or not. It is almost a proven science as many masterminds have devised its techniques. Also, many of their followers have mastered it and have become successful in demonstrating their extraordinary brain power in various ways. Some have even outsmarted the capacity of a computer both in memory and calculation.

A few examples of extraordinary memory power I can remember are from a program in either National Geographic Channel or Discovery Channel, where a man remembers the numbers printed in three different notes just after viewing them once. Similarly, the same man remembers the name and a few details of twenty strangers whom he met for the first time in the same day. The people were introduced to him and were taken inside a hall to watch a movie of two and half hours and finally when they came out in a different order, the person recognized them all. So, super learning works for those who put in the time and effort.

However, since it is so difficult and time consuming to master, our question is that whether it is worth the time and effort that is spent on learning it, for the ordinary persons like us? In other words, we want to see how practical is super learning to an ordinary person. To answer this question, let us analyze the benefits of super learning and assessing whether those benefits are worth the time and effort for an ordinary person.

Usefulness of Super Learning

1. Memorizing a list of data

Superlearning can be useful to memorize a list of things, such as a list of names, list of items to purchase, list of tasks to complete, and so on!

However, do remembering such lists have any value in our daily life? Does anyone expect us to remember such lists with the use of mind only? Do you expect other people to remember a list of things at once? All the answers to these questions are almost "no".

Yet, even if no one expects us to do so, would it really be useful to us by remembering such lists? Our life is moving on well even when we aren't using super learning in our everyday life. That means it isn't all that necessary from this perspective.

2. Long term memory

Super learning focuses on long term memory. It can be useful to remember what we learn permanently, i.e, for a long duration.

Again, does it have any value in our day-to-day life? Almost, everywhere the human's limitation's are given an excuse. For example, our parents, teachers and even employers consider that we can sometimes forget to do the things, sometimes we get late, and sometimes we mistake the instructions and do something else. That means that we can comfortably live with our current memory power.

However, wouldn't it be better if we could remember what we see, hear and read for a longer time?

3. Remembering the name of people at once

Who would expect us to remember all their details just after the first visit? Nonetheless, it would be a great skill to amaze the people. Also, at times, we feel embarrassed for not recognizing another person when he keeps telling us when and where we exactly met and what we talked. And finally you remember him when you are about to depart. I have found myself in this situation many times in my life. So, for people like me, learning this technique would really save our nose. That said we can live okay without learning it but learning it would definitely improve our life.

And even if we can't remember the names at once, super learning would, at least, enable us to learn the names of people faster. That would dramatically improve our life if we have to meet new people quite often.

4. Remembering the telephone numbers

If we are to remember the telephone numbers, then what are the mobile phones and telephone diaries for?

Telephone is best at use during the emergency conditions such as disasters, accidents, and other mishaps. Will remembering a telephone number be worth at such times?

Let's imagine that your house just caught fire; luckily you knew about it just in time to save yourself and everything else you posses is now at the mercy of a fireman. Further imagine that you lost your mobile phone, as well, where you used to store all the contacts and telephone numbers. You have a telephone booth nearby but you can't make a call to the fireman because you don't know their number. Or, even if there isn't a telephone booth, there will be people with whom you can borrow mobile phone to make an emergency call. But what might not be present is the right telephone number to dial.

As another example, you just ran into an accident and you got your phone damaged but you are fine to the extent that you are conscious and there's not a serious injury. In such a case, wouldn't the number you remembered already be useful to call for an ambulance, or your family members and so on, to get some help.

In such conditions stated above, it would indeed be very useful to have learnt the telephone numbers by our mind. More likely, your phone might get damaged, or your battery might get totally discharged or any other event might occur which can make your phone unusable. Same can be said about other things. However, having the emergency telephone numbers such as that of an ambulance, fire office, police office, hospital, and so on, ready in your mind might be useful at various times of our life. So, I think this is quite useful benefit of super learning although it isn't that necessary.

5. Becoming successful by making an impressive personality

Are you an ambitious businessman? Or are you aspiring to be one? If yes, then Super learning is for you because you would always need to do a lot of things in a short time which is only possible through better mind power.

However, for the majority of ordinary people, it would not make much sense again. But the world is tough and highly competitive and who knows when one gets kicked out of his ordinary life. Therefore, keeping a backup of the techniques like super learning can help people in such unpredictable moments. So, if you have free time, it's definitely worth to practice Super learning.


Although in our normal life, Super Learning doesn't make much sense. We can somehow manage to live without it. However, since our future is highly uncertain, I recommend you to learn and master Super Learning but without disturbing your other activities and without putting too much pressure upon oneself. If it's too difficult for you to learn then you better invest your time in something else which is more productive.

After all this discussion, I would say that Super Learning can be useful for ordinary people like us. How far are you convinced with my thoughts and do you agree that Super learning is practical for an ordinary person? I would be very happy to know your views in the comments below.

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