Super Learning - A Review!

Superlearning is a new memory method which can revolutionize our learning process. What do you do to memorize a list of things to buy, for example? Probably you rot and if you can't you'll write the list down in the paper. However, after a good practice of superlearning you'll be able to memorize almost anything you like. Also you can memorize things in their proper order.

The good news about superlearning is that you can understand its concept quickly and learn it quickly. However, the bad news about this is that you need to practice it for a long time to master it. This is not a "master in a day" science with some "hard and fast" rules. It needs regular practice and patience to wait until you succeed.

Unique Lifestyle of Dr. Yogi Bikashananda

Dr. Yogi lives a strictly scheduled and organized lifestyle mainly to achieve efficiency in his works and to manage his time well. His lifestyle is very peculiar and different from the one we, common people, live. At first glance, it seems as if he is a weird traditional man, a stereotype that we imagine of an ignorant and innocent countryman who works hard all day long in a secluded and monotonous way. However, if we deeply analyze his pattern of life then we come to know that he is a modern man motivated to live a healthier and peaceful life; not a luxurious one but a happy and contented one.

What is Manokranti Movement?

Manokranti Symbol (Manokranti Yantra)
*From Manokranti Website

“Mano” means mind and “kranti” means revolution. Therefore, Manokranti means the revolution of mind to bring positive changes in our lives. People seek for revolution in the physical world for constructive changes. However, Dr. Yogi Bikashananda opines that this is where people go wrong. He is of the opinion that the peace, satisfaction and happiness, which are the real positive changes, cannot be achieved through physical fulfillments but through our mind. Therefore, Dr. Yogi started Manokranti revolution to revolutionize the life of everyone into a happy and satisfied one.


Although it is hard to define what spirituality is it is my duty to orient you about it first. It is simply a devotion towards anything like God, deities, nature, spirit or anything you keep faith upon. Also it can be understood as a belief in soul and eternity. This is still not an adequate definition of spirituality; however, it should be sufficient, at least for now, to get you oriented on this topic. (And if you have a good definition, please provide it in the comments below and I will update this post.)


Humanity is also one of the six major traits that everyone should possess according to the philosophy of Dr. Yogi Bikashananda. Humanity is the feeling of sympathy and brotherhood towards our fellow beings and all people in this world. We should treat everyone, people from all classes, races, religions and societies, equally and with due respect is the core idea of humanity.

Nature Friendliness

The source of almost everything, including food, shelter, and fuel, is nature. Hence, to live in a better and sustainable way we should preserve our nature. This is the standpoint of Dr. Yogi Bikashananda which shows us how concerned and aware he is about the importance of balance in nature.

Creativity – A Way of Doing Things Differently

Creativity is another important issue in human life as recognized by Dr. Yogi Bikashananda. It is vital for the fulfillment of the Esteem and Actualization needs of a person. Self-Actualization is termed as reaching the “powerpoint”, which is the state of exploitation of one’s full potential in the desired field. According to Bikashananda, there are 18 powerpoints or broad aims that one can pursue. Everyone should aim to reach their highest potential while pursuing their aims. And creativity is a key to it.

Happiness – A Feeling of Contentment and Intense Joy

Happiness can be derived from satisfaction and contentment that we get from different sources, especially from what we do. In the view of Dr. Yogi Bikashananda we should remain cheerful and happy irrespective of the situations that we come across in our daily life. Happiness is a significant concern of human life and is necessary as it is a source of inspiration and motivation for our work and existence.

The true experience of happiness can be gained from our creativity and great achievements in our desired field. Considering this fact Dr. Yogi suggests us to set ambitious goal or aim for our life which demands our creativity and yield great accomplishment. This will help us lead a happier, healthier and more content life.

Health: The Most Important Aspect of Human Life

People fall ill more often than not because of various reasons including their own negligence and environmental factors (pollution, noise, mental stress, etc). As Bikashananda puts, 'People are stupid. They put their health on stake to earn wealth and later they spend the same to regain their health.' So, consider your health as your invaluable wealth and follow the rules prescribed by Dr. Yogi Bikashananda to live a healthier life. Some of his important rules are shortlisted below: