Meditation for Superlearning

As promised in my previous post, I am back with more ideas on Superlearning. There are many techniques you have to use when you practice Superlearning. One of them, which is quite important as well as effective is the 'Meditation'. This technique will be most helpful in the process of super-learning and hence, it's good to begin our journey by learning meditation.

Relation between Alpha-Waves and Meditation

First of all, to know how meditation is so useful to us, it would be quite relevant to know about the various waves that our brain operates upon. During our normal aware state, our brain is running on 'Beta' waves. However, when we meditate or are calmer (just after we wake up) our brain waves fall to 'Alpha' waves. This state, also known as 'Alpha State' is the conscious but more alert state of our mind as compared to 'Beta State'. This state is also known as the most creative state of the mind. Similarly, learning process is accelerated during this state. Therefore, this state of our mind is quite important for super-learning. Meditation is the way which leads us to this innovative state of mind.

To learn more about the importance and the usefulness of the 'Alpha waves' please visit this page.

How to perform Meditation?

There are numerous ways in which you can meditate. However, I am going to describe the simplest way with some basic rules assuming that you are meditating for the first time in your life.

First of all, sit down in a relaxed manner in any postures you like. You should make sure that you feel fully comfortable at this stage. Second step after this is to forget all the worries and anxieties and then focus on your relaxation.

As you proceed, you can close your eyes and focus on your breathing as you inhale the cool air from the surrounding and exhale the warm air into the surrounding through your nose. Breathe slowly and gradually and feel the temperature of the air as it moves in and out of your respiratory system. Also feel how your body relaxes as your respire fresh air and sit still on a single posture for some time. You can use music to calm down the activities and thoughts of your brain if you like.

After a while you should start feeling peaceful from both inside and outside forgetting all kinds of worries and anxieties. You reach a state when you are totally conscious but yet want to stay in the same state because it is so pleasant, so peaceful and so relaxing. This alert, peaceful and pleasant state if mind is called the 'Alpha Stage' and you are now drifting into this state.

Stay in this state as long as you want.

However, when you want to come out of this state of meditation and relaxation, just slowly rub your hands and rub your face beginning from the eyes. Then you can slowly open your eyes. You might still feel the tranquility even after you come out of the meditation.

You might need to practice for some days to reach this stage of meditation. Even more practice will enable you to gain more control over your body and mind and you can go into this state immediately and even when you are in a noisy place. All you have to do is to close your eyes (to avoid distraction) and then focus on yourself and your neighboring environment.

Apart from meditation, you can also reach the 'Alpha Stage' of mind naturally before and just after your sleep.

How can you practice 'Super learning' at this stage?

Once you reach an 'Alpha Stage' through meditation, you can slowly and gradually open your eyes and start focusing on what you wish to learn. You can read the materials you wish to learn from a book. Similarly, you might wish to listen the same from a recorded audios or videos and so on. You can learn using any medias but perhaps textual materials are more common source of knowledge up to now.


  1. where can you learn superlearning in kathmandu? plz give me contact number.

  2. Here's the contact number of the Office in Samakhusi (Ranibari)

    012090110 & 4362617. I hope this will help.

  3. Superlearning isn't for everyone and those who don't work hard for it won't get the benefits. So, you can't call it nonsense if it isn't useful for you.

    For example, most of us don't need to memorize a list whenever we see it. For those who need to do so, superlearning isn't an option but a necessity.