Works of Dr. Yogi Bikashananda

Yogi Bikashananda is a multi-talented person. Till the date he has already established himself as a prolific writer by composing more than 70 books. He also teaches Yoga and mind technologies like Reiki, Psycho-cybernetics and super learning among others. Furthermore, he gives public speeches on the topics concerning our daily life in various places frequently.
Nowadays, his programs like Yoga, Psycho-cybernetics and speech are compiled and broadcasted in National TV by the name ‘Avibadan’. This program can be watched every morning at 6:00 A.M. in Nepal.

In my next post, I will discuss about his written works in detail.


  1. Dr Bikas ji iam engineering student from tikapur kailali.I study your book named mirtuu pachi ke (near death experience) one question 2 u is when we r old n near 2 death we knew nature's secreat..but we cannot express n we die is that possible sir....

  2. Hello Vivek Kunwar,

    The opinion you presented is really interesting. Probably, Dr. Yogi Bikashananda means whatever he has said in his book. So, if he has said that then it might be possible. But I haven't read that book until now. So I can't say anything for now!