Unique Lifestyle of Dr. Yogi Bikashananda

Dr. Yogi lives a strictly scheduled and organized lifestyle mainly to achieve efficiency in his works and to manage his time well. His lifestyle is very peculiar and different from the one we, common people, live. At first glance, it seems as if he is a weird traditional man, a stereotype that we imagine of an ignorant and innocent countryman who works hard all day long in a secluded and monotonous way. However, if we deeply analyze his pattern of life then we come to know that he is a modern man motivated to live a healthier and peaceful life; not a luxurious one but a happy and contented one.

Unique Eating Habits

Dr. Yogi Bikashananda has a unique dining habit. First thing is that his meals are planned according to a schedule. Second, he takes brown rice instead of the white rice, which we use daily, because it contains very essential vitamin B complex. Third, instead of using ‘maida’, refined wheat flour, he uses ‘aata’, an unrefined form of the same wheat flour. He, thus, ensures that the food is not only good but also contains all the essential nutrients it should possess naturally. Moreover, he eats plain food and abandons those foods cooked only for great look and taste but not for health. Therefore, he is very conscious in his eating habit. Again he takes a sip of water every 10 minutes, which is really unthinkable for us but he has proved us that it’s not impossible. However, he says that these rules don’t apply in the extreme situations and we should learn to adjust in such situations too. You cannot be a purist right? So, thinks Dr. Yogi Bikashananda.

Daura Suruwal: His Trademark Dress!

He dresses mostly in plain Daura and Suruwal, a national dress of Nepal. (I have attended his public speech programs a few times and have seen him as usual in the same dress.) The reasons, I could think of, behind wearing national dresses might be simplicity or a feeling of nationality or both. I think both as far as I have known him because he is simple as well as patriotic towards the nation.

He Lives in a Village!

Furthermore, he lives in a country home, in Godavari, far from the noise and pollution of the cities in Kathmandu valley. With this he has surpassed all the borders of uniqueness and surprise. I mean who would choose to live in a village if he can live in a city? He is no doubt, an amazing person and what he is doing by living his life this way is that he is enacting a very popular motto about life, “Simple Living and High Thinking”, out of his own will just like Mahatma Gandhi and a few other great personalities.

So, isn't his lifestyle really unique? Please post your views on the comment section below. In my next post, I will discuss about his love for learning which makes him a true philosopher and a great thinker. Till then, Jay Gurudev and Jay Manokranti!

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  1. Every thing is good about him, but is he an enlightened individual
    ?Like Osho , or Buddha ?