Scientific Manokranti Yoga

Dr. Yogi Bikashananda has postulated/ put forth a new style of Yoga with the name of Scientific Manokranti Yoga. Yoga isn’t a new concept in the Eastern Vedic Philosophy, i.e., the Hindu culture. A sage named Patanjali introduced yoga long ago.
Although Dr. Yogi hasn’t made any changes to the existing forms of yoga practices, he has made it easier and simpler for us to understand them.

According to Dr. Yogi, all forms of Yogasanas (Yoga Postures) can be categorized into the following six categories:
  1. Backward Bending (Shalvasana, Ustrasana, Natarajasana, etc)
  2. Forward Bending (Padhastasana, Udasana, Parvatasana, Shasankasana, etc)
  3. Sideways Twisting (Paribrita Trikonashana)
  4. Sideways bending (Trikonashana, Midalasana)
  5. Non balancing miscellaneous(Tadasana, Shirshasana, Shimhasana, etc)
  6. Balancing miscellaneous (Dhurvasana, Garudasana, Gomukhasana, etc)
All forms of Yoga can be done either by standing, sitting or lying down on the ground. To make a set of Yoga to practice, one must include one posture (asana) from each of the six categories mentioned above. Thus depending upon your illness or your fitness goals you can develop your own set of yoga for yourself to practice.

If you are a normal and healthy individual then you can perform any kind of yoga. You should not, however, put too much pressure upon yourself. You should withdraw doing yoga if that becomes painful or too difficult. You should not try to master all asanas at once.

Yogasana or yoga postures help us to keep to body fit and healthy. A healthy body is necessary for you to live a fulfilling life. It is equally necessary for you to practice meditation and other mind technologies like Superlearning, Psychocybernatics, self-hypnotism and so on because these kinds of activities need deep concentration from you which is only possible if you are immensely healthy. Otherwise your mind will be busy remembering your illnesses or pain.

Therefore, if you are unfit, physically weak, unhealthy, or just want to achieve a sound and better health then you are strongly advised to perform yoga. However, unhealthy or ill persons should contact their doctor (Ayurvedic doctor is also fine) to consult whether they can perform yoga. The licensed yoga trainers can also give you consultation about which yoga postures you should do and which you shouldn’t do if they know your illness.

Also don’t forget that regularity and patience is the key to success in Yoga. You should practice yoga for at least three months to see the benefits from them. Yoga is not a capsule that directly stimulates your hormones to help you get rid of your diseases. It takes time to work and have effect upon your health because of its slow nature. Therefore, be patient. Also, yoga isn’t meant to help you with a single disease. It will help you with both known and unknown multiple diseases by boosting up your immune system and balancing your metabolic activities and hormones secretion.

Many people fail because they give up too fast. If you are feeling too difficult, seeing negative impacts (side-effects), etc due to yoga then you may discontinue practicing yoga. However, if you are just feeling lazy or aversion towards Yoga, then don’t drop doing yoga. With the passage of time you will start to feel fresh and will love doing the yoga. So, don’t give up too soon, not before at least 3 months.

I wish you best of luck for your sound health.

See you in next post!

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