Although it is hard to define what spirituality is it is my duty to orient you about it first. It is simply a devotion towards anything like God, deities, nature, spirit or anything you keep faith upon. Also it can be understood as a belief in soul and eternity. This is still not an adequate definition of spirituality; however, it should be sufficient, at least for now, to get you oriented on this topic. (And if you have a good definition, please provide it in the comments below and I will update this post.)

Everyone should have spiritual nature in some way is the understanding of Dr. Yogi Bikashananda. However, having said that, Dr. Yogi doesn’t mean that you need to keep faith in God to be spiritual. However, you should keep faith in something and that will be sufficient for you to be a spiritual person. Also, he might mean that by being spiritual you perform rational works. Therefore, to say it concisely, by spirituality Bikashananda means giving some space to our intangible self, our soul, our spirit, our thoughts, our mentality and so on. Yes, spirituality is the way of fulfilling our intangible needs such as esteem needs, ego needs, and the need for self-actualization.

Thus, we should be wise and rational in our judgements and decisions that we come across in our daily life to live a spiritually contented life. Live your life with the motto,’ simple living and high thinking’ and perhaps you will better understand what spirituality is, one day.

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