Humanity is also one of the six major traits that everyone should possess according to the philosophy of Dr. Yogi Bikashananda. Humanity is the feeling of sympathy and brotherhood towards our fellow beings and all people in this world. We should treat everyone, people from all classes, races, religions and societies, equally and with due respect is the core idea of humanity.

In the current scenario, many people lack the feeling of humanity. There is, to some extent, a cold war especially among the people from different religious, cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Similarly, discrimination on the basis of class is still quite common in many societies. All these examples of absence of humanity lead us to nowhere but violence and thus, bring resentment in our relationship with others. In this context, Dr. Yogi Bikashananda has shown his willingness to guide people across the frontiers of discriminations and social boundaries and unite them under one umbrella of humanity by arising in them a feeling of humanhood (brotherhood and sisterhood) in its broadest sense.

The humanitarian deeds, i.e., the feeling of helping others is an important quality that everyone should posses holds Dr. Yogi Bikashananda. I agree with him because people will be willing to help you only if your are helpful to them. And nobody wants to help a selfish person who always thinks of oneself and doesn't help others. So, even for your own sake it is necessary to help others.

What is more interesting is that even if we don't expect anything in return by helping someone, we get a kind of satisfaction for doing such a work. This satisfaction is very good for our both physical and mental health. Such a feeling instantly boosts up our self-esteem and we start thinking of ourselves as a worthy person. In other words, we don't feel that we are useless; instead we feel ourselves as useful person. That is what we call a self-esteem. If we work for the good of the humanity, our self-esteem rises and we become mentally healthy. And our peace of mind has significant positive effect on our physical health. Therefore, we cannot be truly selfless even if we want to become one! We get benefited automatically. Perhaps for this reason, Dr. Yogi advocated for humanitarian life as one of the six necessary avatars of human life.

Yogi Bikashananda, therefore, has a long-term vision to promote peace and harmony in the whole world. He wants to change the present world in many respects and has already launched a campaign on this direction. However, he has begun with himself, changing his own life and lifestyle (More on his lifestyle, later!).

We hope that he will succeed in his mission and wish him all the best for his great initiation.

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