Health: The Most Important Aspect of Human Life

People fall ill more often than not because of various reasons including their own negligence and environmental factors (pollution, noise, mental stress, etc). As Bikashananda puts, 'People are stupid. They put their health on stake to earn wealth and later they spend the same to regain their health.' So, consider your health as your invaluable wealth and follow the rules prescribed by Dr. Yogi Bikashananda to live a healthier life. Some of his important rules are shortlisted below:

Perform Yoga Regularly

Performing yoga on a daily basis is very good for health as shown by many researches. The natural scientists as well as spiritual philosophers all agree with this emphatically. Swami Ramdev has already proved it as well and as a result people all over the world have begun practising Yoga.

Dr. Yogi emphasises that we should perform warm-up exercises well before doing any yoga asanas and that sweating is necessary during exercising. Performing Yoga from about half an hour to one is adequate for an average healthy personnel.

Avoid Spicy Food

Food is also a common area where people fail to notice their mistake. People may term the tasty and spicy foods nutritious while, in fact, they may be causing harm to their health. Spicy foods can cause digestive problems like indigestion, constipation and so on. Thus, a simple and hygienic balanced diet is preferable to attain a good health.

Avoid white foods as much as possible

With the name of 'White Poison' Dr. Yogi has set apart some items which would benefit us if used in negligible quantity in our diet. These items are sugar, salt, refined wheat flour ('maida') and white rice. Alternatively, one can eat molasses or honey, salt in minimum quantity, the whole wheat flour ('atta') and brown rice respectively.

Avoid beverages, liquor and tobacco

The beverages like coke, fanta, and other juices are not much rejoiced by our health although there is no harm in taking them occasionally. However, the liquors and tobaccos should be completely avoided by everyone; firstly, they are not necessary in any condition; secondly, they directly affect our health; and lastly, they harm others as well.

Even though life is precious people fail to recognise this fact and thus, fall prey of various diseases, mostly, due to their own negligence and laziness. It is difficult to recover completely from diseases after we fall sick. Dr. Yogi firmly believes that a key to good health is a healthy lifestyle not the medicines. Therefore, 'Prevention is always better than cure.' is a wise notion that Bikashananda suggests everyone to remain healthy forever.

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