Happiness – A Feeling of Contentment and Intense Joy

Happiness can be derived from satisfaction and contentment that we get from different sources, especially from what we do. In the view of Dr. Yogi Bikashananda we should remain cheerful and happy irrespective of the situations that we come across in our daily life. Happiness is a significant concern of human life and is necessary as it is a source of inspiration and motivation for our work and existence.

The true experience of happiness can be gained from our creativity and great achievements in our desired field. Considering this fact Dr. Yogi suggests us to set ambitious goal or aim for our life which demands our creativity and yield great accomplishment. This will help us lead a happier, healthier and more content life.

Laughing is a way of expressing our pleasure or joyful emotions and is very good for our health. Dr. Yogi cites “laughing is the cheapest medicine” and emphasizes, laughing heartily is not only a matter of the expression of our emotions but also a matter of necessity and due importance. Therefore, we should laugh heartily for five minutes every day in the morning so that we can be in high spirits for a whole day.

The capacity to remain happy forever is a very good way of life because it portrays our optimism towards our life. It never lets us feel low or depressed. Therefore, we should develop optimistic view towards our life and remain happy always.

Dr. Yogi has also mentioned unconditional happiness in his books. This is a state which can be achieved if human understands the true meaning of life and exploits all his potential, i.e., attains the state of “self-actualization”. When person acquires unconditional happiness he never feels sad or disappointed. He is always in a state of constant happiness and motivation regardless of the situations he faces in his life.

Therefore, in conclusion, always remain happy and don’t forget to laugh for 5 minutes daily.

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