Creativity – A Way of Doing Things Differently

Creativity is another important issue in human life as recognized by Dr. Yogi Bikashananda. It is vital for the fulfillment of the Esteem and Actualization needs of a person. Self-Actualization is termed as reaching the “powerpoint”, which is the state of exploitation of one’s full potential in the desired field. According to Bikashananda, there are 18 powerpoints or broad aims that one can pursue. Everyone should aim to reach their highest potential while pursuing their aims. And creativity is a key to it.

We should have an aim; essentially a big one to make our life meaningful is the Dr. Yogi’s assessment of an ideal life. Great persons’ secrets of success are their big aims and creativity says Dr. Yogi giving examples of various influential personalities. “Successful people don’t do different things; they do things differently.” This is what we call creativity and therefore, we should work creatively.

Working creatively requires a lot of hard work, sincerity and a broad vision, foreseeing future at the present. It involves thinking logically, choosing the best among available alternatives.

Creativity is a mental process and therefore, it can be achieved through regular practice of yoga and meditation. With the help of yoga physical fitness can be achieved which is the first requirement for creativity. And with the help of mediation we can attain mental well being and thus improve our concentration power. Through our increased concentration we become more attentive in learning and problem solving. Most people lag behind because of low concentration power as they cannot focus on their problems even for a short period of time. However, after improving concentration with meditation, they can focus for a longer duration.

With improved concentration people can bring their unconscious mind into use to create new things, seek out new ways to solve problems and find new ways to move ahead in their career. Therefore, we should boost our creativity through regular practice of yoga and meditation.

Jay Manokranti!

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