Nature Friendliness

The source of almost everything, including food, shelter, and fuel, is nature. Hence, to live in a better and sustainable way we should preserve our nature. This is the standpoint of Dr. Yogi Bikashananda which shows us how concerned and aware he is about the importance of balance in nature.

Dr. Yogi Bikashananda says that everyone should be conscious in this matter because this nature belongs to everyone. Natural environment should be preserved by all of us if we want to have a bright future and lead a healthy life. By saying this, Bikashananda has proved that he is a modern saint and his ideologies are not based merely upon teachings of the religious scripts. This also proves that his thoughts and actions are based upon the rational judgement and scientific evaluation of the core aspects of human life. He is more a scientist than a yogi.

Therefore, we all should be friendly towards nature and love it. Our life and existence are deeply related with the existence of nature. Hence, preserving and conserving the natural environment is not our choice but it is our responsibility which we should fulfill sincerely in order to lead a happy and prosperous life.

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